On a lovely Wednesday afternoon, 4A, 4W and some members of 5M all went off to the common to play a Rounders House Tournament!

It was a new game for some of us but once everyone got the hang of the rules, everybody did an amazing job. What a fantastic afternoon in the sunshine.

Have a look at some of our pictures below.

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Half term homework

Your homework over the half term is to answer the big social question.

The big social question is:

What makes a personality?

Is it something that you are born with? Is it something that changes? Does it depend on your parents or your friends?

Do some research and decide on what your opinion is. You can present this as a report, a poster, a presentation or any other way that you would like.

Have a lovely half term and stay safe!


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Assessment week

I just wanted to say a big well done to all of 4A on a very successful assessment week! You have all made such fantastic progress and I am very proud of you! Well done!

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Our amazing trip!

Image result for ragged school museum

We visited the Ragged School Museum today. Whilst there, we learnt about what life was like in a Victorian home, such as some of the jobs that children had to do as well as how they had to wash clothes. We then went into a Victorian classroom which had a very strict (and scary) teacher! Have a look at some of our pictures by pressing here.

What did you enjoy most about the trip?

What was the most interesting thing you learnt?

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Ragged School Trip

On Wednesday 17th May we will be visiting the ragged school. This will be an opportunity for the children to immerse themselves in what life might have been like for Victorian children.

Your child may dress up as a Victorian child but this is optional. If Your child is not dressing up they need to wear their school uniform. If your child chooses to dress up, they can come to school already in costume.

If you would like to dress up but you are struggling for ideas, there are some ideas below.


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4A’s visit to Studio Voltaire

This week 4A visited the Studio Voltaire art gallery. We saw some of the many works by an artist called John Sheehe.

John Sheehe’s paintings and sculptures take inspiration from his own memories and recollections. What makes his work even more interesting is that he uses whatever he may have to hand to paint on. We saw examples of his work that had been painted on bits of wood, canvases, bits of slate, a chair and even a suitcase!

Once back at school, using what we had seen as inspiration, we made our own paintings of our memories using an assortment of materials. Have a look at us busy at work.

What was your favourite piece of John Sheehe artwork?

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The Victorians


Our topic this term will be the Victorians! Included in our learning about the Victorians we will be visiting a ‘Ragged School’, which will help us to see what life was like for Victorian children and even experience a Victorian classroom. I doubt they had a pet like Harry in a Victorian classroom!

What do you already know about the Victorians?

What would you like to learn about the Victorians?

Leave your answers in the comments section.


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Science week


This week has been Science and Engineering week. In 4A we have been amazing, fabulous scientists and have taken part in a variety of activities. We have made our own lava lamps, designed posters on what we think the world will be like in 1000 years time and attended a rocket workshop where we made and launched our own rockets. As well as all of this we had a special science assembly where a visitor showed us some amazing experiments using hydrogen peroxide.

What has been your favourite science activity so far? Why?

What new scientific vocabulary have you learned?

What  is your most interesting idea for what our planet will be like in a 1000 years time? (I’ve still got my fingers crossed for someone to finally invent a hover board!)

Have a look at some of our science week pictures here.

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4A’s trip to the Spinney

As part of our Science topic of ‘Living Things’ we visited the Spinney. Luckily the weather was kind to us and we had a great time taking part in all the activities. We were looking for different invertebrates and mini beasts and used a dichotomous key to classify them. We had to use team work and problem solving skills in order to fill one bucket of water using a pump, planks and guttering. We also took part in some painting and some back breaking, wheelbarrow filling hard work!

What activity did you enjoy the most? Why?

Have a look at some more of our pictures here.

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World Book Day Masks

Today was World Book Day and we got to wear the masks we produced in class. Everyone looked amazing!

Click here to see our fabulous masks

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